Different Views Of The Body

In traditional medicine, it is very common for a patient to be called an “expert”, a doctor who specializes in the treatment of certain parts of the body. Many people wonder why there is no “expert” in the field of natural remedies that focus on specific diseases or parts of the body. Why natural remedies do not offer natural alternatives to these specialized medical fields?

The answer is that the nature of professionalism does not fit with the philosophy of naturopathic medicine. The reason why natural medicine is so successful is that it focuses on treating the whole person. Evaluate the unique health profile of each individual, from cellular functioning to mental and emotional levels and everything else.

Seeing the body as a complete entity in which the biochemistry of organs, blood, digestion, muscles, bones and the brain is fundamentally interdependent, allows natural remedies to establish connections that are often lost in modern medicine.

The basis of this approach is a deep respect for the self-regulation and self-healing properties of the body. Natural remedies tests identify what your body needs, and then provide them exactly as necessary to ensure healing and health occur naturally. This led to a general understanding that natural remedies focus on improving health and doctors focus on suppressing the symptoms of the disease. No wonder the public changes from driving to natural medicine!

Comparing this to the ‘divide and conquer’ approach of traditional medicine, one can see why natural remedies work in chronic long-term conditions that doctors cannot solve.

Traditional medicine exam and naturopathy exam

One of the most fundamental differences between traditional medicine and natural medicine is the intention to evaluate the recommendations. Physicians (GP) are primarily trained to identify and treat disease states, so the tests are designed to classify diseases in these terms. Natural remedies, on the other hand, look for imbalances and defects that can cause the disease if the disease is not controlled.

By correcting these imbalances and deficiencies, natural remedies provide the body with the necessary nutrients to begin the healing process. In my experience, the body almost always treats it with the right nutrients, the right diet, the right rest and enough water. The challenge, of course, is to interfere with what the body needs and with healing. Therefore, it is important to choose natural remedies, determined by scientific evidence, to determine unique health requirements.

The disease is not only ‘happy’, there are previous processes that can make you feel bad, but there are no problems with the medical examination. Natural pathology tests can be very useful because you know specifically what nutrients your body consumes.

Pharmaceutical and natural drugs:

Many drugs have side effects that can be very debilitating. They usually act fast, but they work by hiding the symptoms without correcting the underlying cause. In extreme cases, such drugs can save lives. But for life-threatening conditions, instead of suppressing symptoms, there are natural alternatives that can help heal the body.

Natural and scientifically researched supplements often take a long time to work, but when prescribed correctly, they help the bodywork synergistically. This means that the results may be permanent and that there are no debilitating and potentially dangerous side effects of the medication.

The next time you consider visiting a doctor, think about whether the naturopath Perth takes better care of your situation. When choosing natural remedies, choose health, well-being and vitality instead of relieving your symptoms.   

For further diet plans and following a proper diet chart you can also consider to pay a visit to a nutritionist as well.